What is Messy Veggies?

Messy Veggies is your vegan sauce (source), we go with everything and it’s the tastiest part. A cultured vegan guide to your city, through food, fashion, people, recipes, events, education and health. 

We strive to educate, highlight and document the amazing aspects of a vegan lifestyle.


We love to stay in the loop, so if you want to tell us about a new restaurant, bar or cafe, please contact the team on the details below:

Jaime Hall
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Simon Hall
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About the Founders

Jaime and Simon started Messy Veggies as a passion project to track their vegan food when switching to an only vegan lifestyle. Coupled with Simon’s newfound celiac diagnosis, it was important to create and record easy and healthy recipes. Through this process, they found that being vegan doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t mean sacrificing the best things in life. It’s all about highlighting the beautiful, the delicious, the healthy and the compassionate.