Crocs Have Committed To Net Zero Emissions & 100% Vegan For The Footwear Brand

Crocs, Inc. is committed to becoming a sustainable company by the year 2030 and has announced that it will stop using any animal-derived materials in its designs at the end of 2021. Shoe styles from Crocs are currently vegan with many being made out of their Croslite material which does not harm animals or contribute to environmental degradation because it surpasses what could be accomplished through natural resources alone (you know how much we love sustainability!). However, sometimes leather was used for some shoe designs making them less environmentally friendly than most other brands as well as contributing more towards climate change – but no longer! All this means is they’ll have even more opportunities to help you find your new favorite pair(s)

Crocs are making it even easier for people to be environmentally conscious by developing an eco-friendly material that will reduce the carbon footprint of each pair of Crocs. This new vegan Croslite of which 45% will come from recycled materials, and should shrink the number 3.94 kg CO2e per pair in a sustainable fashion.


Crocs Vegan
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“Taking action to reduce our environmental footprint by implementing more sustainable practices across our entire business is the right thing to do for Crocs,” Crocs CEO Andrew Rees said.

“As a company, we are deeply committed to accountability and we’re confident that we have the right team, the right innovations, and the right partners to help us achieve our net-zero ambitions by 2030.”

Crocs are committed to making its brand eco-friendly. They are the first company in history with a net-zero target and they’ve already reached 85% of that goal by selling shoes without boxes, exploring other ways to reduce packaging like using less cardboard for items like shoeboxes or carrying bags inside shoe shipments. Crocs also work hard at keeping its products out of landfills through donations and recycling programs such as donating old sneaker designs online so buyers can collect them from local stores instead of new ones being shipped into landfills every day on an endless cycle. The company has even started transitioning all offsite energy needs away from fossil fuels towards renewable sources which will help preserve our planet’s natural resources while cutting down greenhouse gas.



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