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The Details

Back 2 Nature opened its doors as an organic grocery in 2017. Owners and operators Vipin Kumar and Jazz Mishra both have a background as chefs in Hotel chains across the world. However, the constant use of animal products in the kitchens had played it’s toll. Knowing they had to make a change for their own peace of mind, they started Back 2 Nature.

The Organic Grocery expanded early 2018 into a cafe, with the entire menu developed to be plant-based. Through their experience as chefs in Hotels, they have extensive knowledge of multi-cuisine cooking, which is on display through the wide variety of choices at Back 2 Nature.

The Food

From Sandwiches to Pizza, smoothies, smoothie bowls and many other options, they will have your cravings catered to.

Why stop there though? Back 2 Nature also provide catering for events, where they can bring their knowledge of food to impress your guests. There are also plans to extend the current seating plan for an outside dining area, so make sure you follow their socials to see when this is happening.

The interesting aspect of the sandwiches at Back 2 Nature is that they are all triple-decker sandwiches. Which basically means they are all epic. One of the most popular being the Vegan Butter Chicken sandwich, which is 3 layers of sauces, mock chicken, bread, vegan cheese and just amazing. They also offer gluten-free bread from the Gluten Free Precinct.

They have recently changed the menu to included Kabobs and tikka skewers, which in a word are ‘flavourful’. Let’s also not forget the pizza, which is packed with vegan cheese and has an abundance of thought added to each item. Vipin discusses each small element of the dish with passion as he tries to create the perfectly balanced flavour combination with each mouthful.

Back 2 Nature is one to put on your list and venture to if only to grab that sweet Vegan Butter Chicken Sandwich.

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