Bombay Press

Bombay Press

The Details

In a secret kitchen in the middle of South Melbourne, you will find one of Melbourne’s best vegan sandwiches. Bombay Press operates out of a commercial kitchen, closed to the public, but open for takeaway orders, two days a week for a couple of hours at a time.  Rahul Khare & Karan Desai moonlight here from their regular nine to five but with sandwiches this good, you might be wondering why. Rahul & Karan took COVID on headfirst last year, opening up their takeaway-only Bombay sandwiches. Filled with memories of their time in Bombay, where the triple sandwich is a staple in the street food cuisine. It’s one of the city’s most popular street snacks, simple in nature combining fresh vegetables and potatoes between slices of white bread that are lathered with green pudina chutney.

Usually eaten in cars with friends, this snack is something special, which is why Rahul & Karan decided it was time for Melbourne to embrace the trend.

The Food

The original Snowman is the vegan concoction that hits more than one spot. A double-decker toastie filled with potato, onion, capsicum, tomato & vegan cheese, spiced with their signature masala and chutney. It can be a little spicey, but that half the fun. The Bombay sandwich is then covered in vegan butter and placed in a sandwich press to toast till it’s crispy on the outside. Sliced in half and then covered in grated vegan cheese it would be satisfying enough to stop here. However, these sandwiches are paired with crispy potato chips that are tossed in salt and curry powder. The perfect accompaniment.

If you are looking for drinks, get your hands on the Falooda, a rose based dessert with vegan ice cream, nuts and other yummy bits & pieces. or you can try their signature chai, a masala tea brewed with their freshly ground 5-spice masala.

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