The Details

Since opening back in 2018, Semaphore Park favourite, Crux has stirred up a reputation in Adelaide for dishing out their delicious, entirely vegan breakfast and brunch menu. From their classic avo on toast (with beetroot hummus – YUM) to their house rice paper “bakon” and their own, house-made vegan mac sauce.

When owners George and Aleesha opened their doors to the public, they had the vision to maintain an ethical business model, supporting the cruelty-free movement by serving their customers an entirely vegan menu. Being vegan themselves and having all vegan staff, their vision was to instill their cruelty-free ethics into the cafe’s menu and throughout their social media platforms to shed a positive light on the vegan lifestyle. There aren’t many vegan-only spots in Adelaide, so when George and Aleesha decided open Crux, they wanted it to align with the same ideals they live their lives by.

They’ve brought in their trusty chef, Steph, who assists them with recipe development with no real boundaries for what they bring the table! I mean, they make their own vegan bacon, who could refuse?

The Food:

They’ve got regular customers, some of which make their way over from the other side of the city, just to order their popular dish known as ‘The Crux’. It’s the classic BLT burger with a vegan twist. They use house-made rice paper bakon, mac sauce, lettuce, tomato and avo sandwiched between toasted Turkish bread.

Other dishes on the menu include cleansing juices, smoothies, jackfruit tacos and a mermaid blend bowl that uses natural blue spirulina to give it a vibrant colour.

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