Curry Bowl

The Details

Delicious. Simple. Wholesome. Joy. That’s the motto that Curry Bowl on Lonsdale st in Melbourne’s CBD lives by. It’s not only what they stand for, but it shines through in their traditional Sri Lankan food. Tehani Fernando has been introducing the city of Melbourne to their delicious flavours for years now.  Curry Bowl is family-owned with heritage in Sri Lanka, in which the cuisine is well known for their colourful dishes, creative flavours and fresh taste.

Speaking with Tehani you get a sense of the pride she has in introducing the beautiful food that has been passed down from their grandmothers and mothers to Melbourne. They aim to keep the dishes fresh, with spices ground daily and nothing leftover from day to day.

Recently introducing a number of completely plant-based dishes to the already heavily vegetarian menu, they have been able to cater to everyone.

The Food

The vegan bowl is your best bet, which includes a huge bowl of  4 vegan curries of the day, served on a bed of rice, with a kick of chilli and date chutney on the side. Let’s take a small second to appreciate how good the chilli and date chutney is. Cause it just is.   All the family packs can be vegan also, which means take-away for UNO nights just got a whole lot better.

They recently launched a vegan Lamprais, which is one of the most significant dishes in Sri Lanka. The term ‘lamprais’ is basically a packet of rice with various side dishes to create a whole meal. It is wrapped in banana leaves and baked in a warm oven so the banana leaves can infuse with the rice and create something special when you unwrap it to feast.  The vegan lamprais from Curry Bowl consists of: rice cooked in veg stock, rich cashew curry, tasty tofu, mushroom fry, caramelized onion, pickled eggplant. It’s not on the everyday menu, but when it comes back at special times, it’s worth trekking for. Keep your eyes peeled on their website and socials for more info on this.

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