The Details

Yum Cha is a beautiful traditional meal coming from Cantonese regions in Asia involving sharing a number of small portions of steamed and fried dishes. It’s no news to anyone that you can get all-you-can-eat yum cha at David’s. This restaurant with 20 years of experience is one of Melbourne’s top picks when it comes to Chinese food. There is an exciting thing happening at the end of this bizarre year. The team at David’s started offering an entirely vegan menu for Thursday night service. The response was overwhelming, which lead the team to add the vegan menu to the evening dining options for every night.

The Food

Yum Cha at David’s is a bit different from typical Cantonese yum cha. Instead, they dip into authentic flavours of Shanghainese cuisine. On the menu, there are Buddha’s bbq buns, Chinese Broccoli, veggie san Choi bao (definitely my go-to!), crispy spring rolls. Turnip cake and Chinese noodles are these beautiful kinds of meals that are carb and serotonin loaded and make you feel at home. For your dumplings cravings, there are three types of delicious vegan dumplings: mushroom, mapo tofu and fried taro dumplings. Choose one of the carefully selected all-time favourite cocktails and the successful meal out is complete. Standards are high, both in taste, quality of food and customer service. Absolutely a must-go-to for a vegan feast.

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