The Details

Drumplings is a modern and funky dumpling restaurant in the CBD. The bright interior and unique fusion menu make it stand out from the rest of the dumpling houses in Melbourne. It was founded by Deon St.Mor who has a background in industrial design and is proud of the fact that each dumpling flavour has been individually designed from the inside out. The food is made from locally produced and sustainably sourced ingredients to create a fresh and flavoursome menu. 

The Food

The vegan range focuses on fresh veggies and unique flavours including truffle mushroom and sweet potato and coconut. The flaky roti dish is melt-in-your-mouth yum, served with a potato curry dipping sauce. The puffed tofu sliders come with tasty kimchi, cucumber and lemon pepper on a steamed bun. The signature truffle mushroom dumpling was a stand out with an aromatic flavour and soft melty texture, and the moneybag assortment added some colour and a variety of different and delicious flavours. 

Not only are there some delicious vegan options on the menu, but there’s also a great list of seasonal cocktails to suit every taste, and most can be made vegan by subbing eggwhites for aquafaba to create aesthetically pleasing foam cocktails to go with your meal. 

Drumplings is a great addition to the vegan options in the CBD, with just the right balance of contemporary, cute and chilled out. There is a bright leafy outdoor seating area as well as the indoor area. Perfect for a fun night out or a weekend lunch!

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