Eka Wholefoods

Eka Wholefoods

The Details

Eka Wholefoods is a one-stop shop for delicious food and bulk organic supplies. Husband and wife duo Aman Brar and Anuveer Nathan opened the store in early 2017. Adding the cafe 6 months later. The cafe was a natural addition, using all the bulk organic dry ingredients that the store has to offer. Giving the locals ideas on what they could make for their wholesome plant-based meals.

The owners of Eka Wholefoods were once working in the corporate world and wanted to do something that made them want to get out of bed each day. They watched a lot of videos and footage of factory farming and decided to make a change. Starting with how the food gets on to their plates. Spiritually they also believe that when you eat meat, you eat the fear and pain that the animal felt.

There is a strong community focus at Eka Wholefoods, the owners genuinely connect with their customers. It is a great place to unwind, meet up with friends, grab a coffee and your groceries or have a bite to eat.

Eka Wholefoods has been fitted out with 99% recycled and repurposed materials. They are very passionate about environmental sustainability and re-use. A lot of the artwork on the walls has been donated by local artists. The decor has of fallen together based on what was available at Savers and Salvo’s. Anuveer is often found in the laneways behind Bunnings, scavenging for wood to build new shelves to house the increasing range of wholefoods.

The Food

The menu is eclectic with a range of meals to satisfy your cravings, with inspiration from all over the world. We are big fans of the Ramen Bowl, Mexican beans bowl and the Bao Tempeh Sliders. Other options include Indian tofu scramble, Smoothie bowl and falafel bowl.

Make sure you bring your containers and jars to top up your home supplies also!

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