Friend & Faux

Friend & Faux


The Details

If you’re ready for boozy afternoons in summer but you’re a bit bored with vegan snacks at a typical bar (ummm, fries?) you’ll want to tune in for the vegan menu at this quirky bar in Thornbury.

Friend & Faux is a small kitchen tucked inside Barton Fink bar lounge, offering a variety of mock meat burgers, not dogs (10 points for the name) and tacos. The chef/owner Ben, said he missed meat a little when he transformed into being vegan so he decided to recreate the taste of real meat and fish. Did he succeed? “Some people don’t even notice there’s no meat in it”. In a trendy quirky bar, you can meet all sorts of people. Young mixes with old, tradies mix with white collar. It was a brave move to introduce a 100% vegan menu. For Ben, the food comes first, he wants people to enjoy it, ideology, in this case, is just a part of the experience.

The Food

When it comes to the menu, it’s more street food than pub food from burgers to good ol’ kebab wraps, along with not-dogs and colourful tacos (bargain alert, $5.50 for one taco, $15 for 3). The kebab looks so real, you might want to have a single bite first to calm yourself down. With a lot of spices, fresh veggies it’s a great meal to have with a beer.

But the star of the show at Friend & Faux are the tacos. With 4 different flavours to chose from, including a Southern Fried Crispy Chucken with pickled cucumber and a chipotle crema, Light Battered Phish, with a lemon dill, pickles, capers and wasabi mayo and a Spicey Beaf and Beans. They are all colourful, tasty and will leave you full and satisfied.

PS. It’s very gluten-free friendly!

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