Green Burger

Green Burger

The Details

Green Burger is Smith Street’s newest all vegan restaurant. Opening late December, it is also  Melbourne’s first 100% plant-based, bespoke burger, and shake shop.

Owen Westman has been a Chef for many years and has owned 2 former Melbourne establishments. The Port of Call next to Vic markets (ramen and spice with Caribbean feels) and The Collection on Bridge Road. Moving back and forth from the US, Owen moved to a vegetarian diet in San Diego initially to lower blood pressure.

The idea started with the burger patty. The Beyond burger was off limits, so Westman decided to make his own version. He started experimenting and almost a year later, had something that was very close to a meat burger patty.

The Food

Green Burger has 7  California style vegan burgers on the menu. Plus, loaded fries and sides which include ‘mac n trees’, buffalo tenders and loaded onion rings. You can also get one of 3 salads, but if you’re going to a burger place, we both know that’s not what you have come for.

You can also grab one of 3 vegan shakes. We recommend the strawberry balsamic! The most popular burger on the menu so far is The Big Mock with two smokehouse patties, lettuce, double cheese, onions, dill pickle and burger sauce.

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