Happy Pants 1549

Happy Pants 1549

The Details

Happy Pants, sounds like a place you want to visit, right? A clever mix of a yoga studio and vegan cafe* in Tyabb has customers coming from far and wide.

Owner Tanya Dunphy opened Happy Pants in May 2017. Tanya has owned, built and sold 10 cafes over the years, so you could say she is experienced in the hospitality industry.

When building planning Happy Pants, the large empty room out the back of the cafe was taken into consideration. In addition to the cafe, it is the perfect space for yoga and is the only studio in the area. You can enjoy your meal inside the cafe our outside in the courtyard. Being vegan herself, Dunphy only wanted to cook vegan food. Approximately only 20% of the customers are vegan though.

The Food

There is an extensive menu drawn up on the blackboard which covers most dietary requirements. The most popular item on our menu would be the brown rice salad or the slim Jim (a curried brown rice/mixed bean/roast sweet potato tortilla wrap served toasted w coconut/beetroot yogurt.)

If you’re feeling like something sweet you can get a raw vegan treat by The Kindness Echoes. Also on the menu is an impressive smoothies list and hot drinks.

Above all, Happy Pants is the ultimate wellness destination on the peninsula.

*Happy Pants serves cow milk for coffee, only the food is all vegan.

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