Henry’s Burgers

Henry’s Burgers


The Details

Stepping inside Henry’s Burgers, the message is clear. We are living in a new world, embracing change to ensure our planet continues.  It’s an ethical and sustainable approach, without comprising on good food and great flavour. Henry’s Burgers prove it can be done, and done very well. 

Henry’s Burgers adds even more plant-based goodness to Brunswick st, with Austin Maynard Architects working to create the familiarity and swing associated with an American Diner, made for a contemporary Australian context. 

Named after Henry Stephens Salt, a 19th-century social reformer, writer and ethical campaigner, and great ancestor to Henry’s owner, Maz Salt, of The B.East & Globe Alley. This burger bar is looking to innovate and propel plant-based fast food into our everyday culture. Aiming to be the burger of choice for non-vegans and vegans alike. Because if you can’t tell the difference when you take a bite, then why not choose the more sustainable option?

Head Chef Jarrod Moore is behind the delicious flavours, and also the advocate for bringing in the famous Moving Mountain Burger Patties. It’s the only eatery in Australia you can get your hands on these burgers at this stage, and it’s well worth trying. A popular plant-based pattie that smells like beef even when it’s raw. Then sizzles and fry’s to medium-rare to give your burger the closest ‘meat’ sensation that would fool even the most dedicated carnivore.   

The Food

Henry’s Burgers offer a wide range of classic burgers, from plant-based patties and mock chicken burgers to golden fries, onion rings and nuggets all made from plants. If you are feeling hungry, the High Top, with it’s Moving Mountains Pattie, lettuce, tomato, pickles, vheddar, onion rings and smokey BBQ and ranch sauce will hit the spot. You also cannot go past the Disco Fries, which are smothered in vegan cheese and delicious gravy. 

The packaging is also eco-friendly, using plant-based packaging (cups, straws) which are all compostable, and are mindful of their footprint.  They also manage their compostables, recyclables, and non-recyclables to help battle waste. 

You can get your milkshake on at Henry’s with their dedicated plant-based soft-serve machine pumping out tons of ice-cream.  Also offering craft beers and natural wines on tap, so you can kick back with a great burger and have a drink to wash it all down.

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