Ho Chi Mama

The Details

Vietnamese cuisine holds a special place in Melbourne’s cultural scene. From the ultra-traditional pho restaurants to the contemporary fusion style that continues to evolve. Ho Chi Mama stands tall in the sea of contemporary Vietnamese eateries. Their uber chic street art culture that spills from the inside out, encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and dine with attitude.

Set down a narrow side street, Ho Chi Mama is a go-to destination if you plan to dine in the city. The menu is constantly evolving, as is the cocktail list, with new creations like the Kim Kardashian ready to take your palate on a liquid journey.  

The fusion of Vietnamese traditional flavours and modern practice shines through the menu in many ways. The recent inclusion of a Banana Blossom Vegan Fish enhances the options for the plant-based diners and non. If nothing else it sparks curiosity, but then delivers on flavour and texture. The banana blossom also manages to be gluten free and can be nut free on request.

But it doesn’t stop there, Ho Chi Mama is exploring other vegan options through their vegan Duck Rolls, Green Tea Tofu Bao and through their traditional Southside Curry which is their signature dish. A coconut curry steeped in flavour, with the tofu soaking up all the flavour.

Ho Chi Mama is the perfect night out, whether you are in the city catching a theatre show, meeting friends for a cultural dining experience or merely wanting to explore new foods and flavours.

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