Lagoon Dining

Lagoon Dining

The Details

I say Lygon Street, you say…Italian food? Think again. A new eatery called Lagoon Dining has opened on this iconic street, ready to fill your belly with you all things Chinese.

Four friends who met in Ezard in 2013, chefs Ned Trumble and Keat Lee, and front-of-house Chris Lerch – plus long-time Ezard customer Susan Wyles, had a dream of opening their own restaurant. This year they decided they’re going to make it happen. Lagoon Dining opened its doors this month and it’s already becoming a hot spot for family and friends.

The Food

The Chinese vegan dishes take you on a journey through spices and dressings that bring the dishes to life. From a simple cos lettuce that is covered in a peanut sauce with savoury yeast (sounds bizarre, tastes fantastic), then to a cucumber with black fungus with garlic and sesame oil (simple but there’s something refreshing about this dish).

Moving on to noodle, rice and tofu dishes, with a rolled rice noodle that has a good kick to it but is heaven in the mouth (loving carbs!). Beans with enoki mushrooms and peanuts are both nicely crunchy and delicately sweet.

You can sample your way through the vegan menu and share with friends or opt for the feed me option, at $60pp.

Lagoon Dining is a great option to experience quality food where everyone can have a Chinese feast. The food has a good twist to it. Satisfaction: guaranteed.

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