The Details

Lûmé‘s multisensory tasting menu is a journey into the flavours, textures, and ingredients not so frequently travelled. Lûmé opened in 2015 in a South Melbourne terrace house (formerly home to a burlesque club). It is the creation of Australian Chef Shaun Quade and his band of young creatives. Chef Shaun won the prestigious Chef of the Year in 2017. It is not hard to see and taste why!

Artfully deceptive, Lûmé takes a thoughtful and considered approach to dining. It’s a restaurant that doesn’t just serve food, rather, it creates experiences best enjoyed by curious minds. Over 15 courses at this Two Hats restaurant, you will have your mind blown. The staff are all in sync and know what you are about to do before even you do. Want to go to the bathroom? Your chair is already pulled out. Finished the last sip of your wine? Glass is gone.

The Food

Where to start? This is one of the best vegan degustations in Melbourne. The Chefs at Lûmé use as many Australian natives in their cooking as possible. Even scouring the beach for edibles. Some of the courses will have you guessing as to what the secret ingredient is. Others will have you asking, “how did they make this vegan?” Such as the celeriac Roquefort ‘blue cheese’

Other dishes include the artichoke sourdough with macadamia butter and sour corn ‘honey’. A vegan version of the famous Lûmé pearl on the ocean floor (as seen on MasterChef). And, one of our favourites, olive oil and mandarin peel soy ice-cream, fennel and absinthe. You can choose to match your dinner with wine. (recommended, but get an Uber home).

Restaurant Lûmé is the perfect place for a romantic dinner, anniversary celebration or birthday. Or… just because you deserve it.


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