The Details

As Australians, our love affair with Indonesia is clear. The sometimes yearly trip to Bali is common in a lot of Australian households, and why not. The Indonesian people are caring, kindhearted and they have, in my humble opinion, one of the best cuisines on the planet.

Indonesia is the birthplace of Tempeh, which when prepared and cooked correctly is an absolute treat. The only foundation soy-based product that did not originate in Chinese cuisine.

But Indonesian cuisine is somewhat different in Australia, with the majority of availability in the form of small take away shops. That was until the day Makan opened their doors in late 2018.

Makan, meaning ‘to eat’, is the first restaurant by Tasia & Gracia Seger. Famous for winning the 2016 My Kitchen Rules reality TV show. But moving from home cooks to reality TV cooking shows and then to your own restaurant is a big step. However, Tasia & Gracia have managed to move through this process in a considered way, without jumping into the restaurant immediately.

“After winning My Kitchen Rules in 2016, it was very important for us to learn and be in the food industry.”

They conducted pop-ups, food demonstrations, private catering, and other events to fine tune their dishes and refine their skills. This took place over 2 years so the sisters could refine their concept of Indonesian cuisine at a dining experience level, which is deserved, and delivered at Makan.

The dishes are recreated from childhood memories, the most loved dishes that were prepared by their mother and now enhanced. Bringing the traditional flavour profiles of Indonesian cuisine, with a modern twist and some classy plating skills.

The Food

There are many vegan options on the menu at Makan, ranging from small to large, perfect for sharing with your friends. The most popular items being the Grilled Corn Cobs with kaffir lime and chilli salt, which is char-grilled and presented on corn husks.

The Lemper is something you should not miss, glutinous coconut rice in banana leaf filled with Tempeh and Mushroom, which is a traditional savoury snack in Indonesia. There is also a delicious coconut curry, opor tempeh with tempeh, okra, zucchini and baby corn.

With more spicy items including the grilled lebanese eggplant with balado chilli jam and a sensational tofu stir fry with their vegan sambal chilli paste.

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