Neko Neko

The Details

Neko Neko is a small restaurant on the corner of Gertrude St and Smith St in Fitzroy run by Saori Kawasaki and her husband Tomoya. Neko Neko means “cat” in Japanese. It was named after Saori’s love of cats, and cat’s love of fish. The staff are always super friendly and accommodating. The pescatarian/vegan restaurant was opened in 2016.

The Restaurant

When you walk in, you will be greeted right away and asked how you are.  There are 3 types of vegan ramen you can try, and you should really try all of them, but not at once because they are so filling! You have the choice of House made ramen with veg & mushrooms, shoyu ramen with mushroom & konbu broth and the tan tan ramen with seseme chilli broth. 2 of the options can also be made Gluten Free! (Celiacs rejoice). They also have other vegan options such as sushi and a raw vegan Okonomiyaki. Neko Neko is conveniently located on Smith Street in Fitzroy for all the north siders.

All we can say is, just get down there and get some Vegan Ramen!!!

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