Northcote Fish & Chips

Northcote Fish & Chips

The Details

** Northcote Fish & Chips – Now deep frying Kresho Bars**

Northcote Fish & Chips prides itself on delivering authentic and traditional fish and chips to it’s patrons. But the owners have branched out into unknown territory following the increase of requests for there to be vegan options.

Just like in Field of Dreams, with the iconic saying, “If you build it, they will come” Northcote Fish and Chips have done just that.

Setting up a separate fryer and vat for all the vegan options, they have created a new menu to test out how these new options will work. Word on the streets is that it’s been welcomed with open arms.

With planned expansion to the new menu after just a week, this fish and chip shop could well be starting a new tradition in Northcote.

The Food

The new vegan options include a Beer Battered ‘Vish’, Crumbed ‘Scampi’ with a dairy free tartare sauce, Battered King ‘Fawns’ and a Pumpkin Burger.

You can grab a scoop of chips with any order, potato cakes and mushy peas.

It’s quite fishy, but that’s the point isn’t it, a great replica without harming an animal, so get in a grab some Vish and Chips or order on Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

In a very recent addition, Northcote Fish & Chips are deep frying Kresho bars. It’s the stuff of vegan food porn dreams.

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