The Details

Attention, bubble tea lovers, lactose-intolerant folks, plant-based friends. The search for a vegan alternative for bubble tea is over. Nuttea has got you covered.

There is a small, cute-looking store in Melbourne Central, right next to Axil Coffee Roasters. And it is 100% vegan. Nuttea is a Taiwanese brand that decided to expand to Australia after succeeding in Hong Kong, the UK, Macau, and Canada. It is the first vegan bubble tea in Australia.

The milk is made fresh in-store every day and it is a mix of cashew, walnuts, and macadamia. Nuttea for its goal sets to educate people. They decided to go against using cow’s milk for humans because as they say the humans changed the ecology of the cows by extending the natural lactation period of the cow so it can produce more milk that can be later sold. It is not the right thing to do and it doesn’t make sense.

The other factor for going plant-based is simply because nut milk is way more nutritious. The majority of nut milk we can get from the supermarket has a small percentage of nuts being used. Nuttea uses more nuts and no additives or preservatives, making sure your drink is not only delicious but way more nutritious than the standard bubble tea. Your bubble tea can be healthy, who would have thought?

The Drinks

There is a method of consuming this bubble tea as instructed by a lovely shop assistant. First, have a bite of the toppings. Then, try a cream on top with a little spoon. Then take the straw and mix the cream and the tea together.

Ruby black tea with nut cream is a hearty, nutty tea. If you love black tea and nuts, you won’t be disappointed. Strawberry milk tea is a valentines special, available for only three days this weekend. It’s a bit salty and a bit sweet at the same time.

And finally, the one and only earl grey chocolate. Clearly my favourite, it tastes like a dessert. The thick foam on top tastes like chocolate mousse. When you mix the tea with the cream on top, it’s just a perfect combination of a refreshing drink but also an afternoon treat.

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