Radicle Foods

Radicle Foods


The Details

Radicle Foods opened its doors right at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not the best time to open your doors, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing forward and delivering a quality vegan offering to their community. Sam Adra is the head chef, the mastermind behind the food development and makes a great coffee all while greeting every customer with a smile. Although March was a difficult month, the community banded together to support one another. The landlord even jumped behind the coffee machine and into the kitchen at times to lend a hand.

Sam sources the majority of there fresh produce and ingredients within a 1km radius. While developing their own vegan cheeses, plant-based meats and various other products which you can buy from the store while you wait for your jaffle to toast. These products aren’t just your everyday vegan products though. The Vegarella, a plant-based version of mozzarella, is one of the best vegan mozzarellas I have ever tried. It melts perfectly and has an unmistakeable mozzarella taste.

Recently starting up three themed dinner nights a well, that runs from 5pm – 9pm over winter. Dosa Days on Thursday’s, Taco (and burrito) Friday’s and Kebab Nights on Saturdays.

The Food

Although Jaffles and Waffles seem simple, when they are done right, they certainly are favourites in the vegan and non-vegan community. The menu at Radicle Foods reads like any other, other than the fact it is 100% plant-based. From a sliced Doner kebab jaffle to Hoisin Duck jaffles they all come with an ingredient that is housemade in their offsite commercial kitchen. If you are looking for a jaffle though, you cannot miss the Spag Bol Jaffle, which comes with spaghetti bolognaise covered in their Radical parmesan and Vegarella. Guaranteed to hit the spot.

From a waffle perspective, you can grab a Baklawaffle, which comes with Atar (orange blossom syrup), pistachio and vanilla ice-cream. There is also a Salted Peanut Butter Jaffle with fresh banana and our favourite, the Tiramisu waffle. Which is just decadent and delicious.


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