Shoku Iku

The Details

Shoku Iku is an all vegan, raw, organic, gluten-free and refined sugar-free cafe in Northcote. It opened 5 years ago and is still the only organic raw food cafe/restaurant in Melbourne.

About 12 years ago, owner and Chef of Shoku Iku, Yoko Inoue, had been health conscious and incorporating vegan and vegetarian dishes into her diet. She was inspired when she heard Peter Singer talk about Ethics of what we eat at the Federation Square.

At that time there were no cafes/restaurants that offered what she wanted. Plant-based, organic, gluten-free, raw, consciously created foods that actually healthy for us and the planet. Yoko wanted to create a place that offers all of that and also to inspire people to see the foods in a different way. So she did.

Shoku Iku tries to be as sustainable as possible. Most of the furniture is recycled, reclaimed or using certified timber safe paint, LED lights are used and they enjoy having fresh plants and clean lines throughout

As the name means “food education” it is a place to educate, inspire and connect with like-minded people. That is why Shoku Iku loves to engage with the community, run workshops and other special events and I try to get this message and knowledge out in the world.

The Food

Don’t let the thought of raw food put you off, the menu still packs a punch. The most popular items on the menu are the raw cakes and pancakes. Some new additions to the menu are a raw Mediterranean pizza with olives and fermented cheese, Tahini tart served with Kefir coconut cream and a mushroom mocha smoothie.

Yoko had been really passionate about including superfoods, tonic herbs and other longevity supplements. So you will also find interesting drinks that use tonic herbs and Keto friendly desserts at Shoku Iku.

Shoku Iku often run gourmet raw vegan dinners and workshops. Be sure to check their upcoming events to get your tickets.

Business Hours

Open 24/7