Shop 225

The Details

In 2016, Lorenzo Tron and Roberto Davoli opened Shop 225. As soon as you walk up to the front door of Shop 225 you know instantly this is an authentic Italian pizza shop. From the small red tables out front to the Italian salt and olive oil on each and every table. It’s the small things you notice. With the larger things being the wood-fired pizza oven which is used to perfect all the pizza, by cooking at a perfect temperature of 450°C.

Everything on the menu with a V can be made vegan. At Shop 225 they have perfected their own vegan cheese which they make in-house. Through a process of elimination, they have this cheese down to a fine art. Not rubbery at all but a perfect melt for your pizza.  But vegan cheese is only the beginning, they have a vegan gnocchi, bolognese, salami, ham, the list goes on and on. Any aspect of your dietary requirements can be catered for. Which is great for celiacs as well.

I don’t even know where to begin.  I thought they had made a mistake when they brought out our pizza and gnocchi. There is no way this was gluten free and vegan. No way. Naturally, you expect it to look similar with vegan cheese and vegan salami, but this was almost identical.

Let’s start with the gnocchi. We ordered a gluten free gnocchi bolognese. The result was gnocchi I remember from when I was younger, perfect puffy pillows just like you expect in Italy. It was sensational.

You then have the added benefit of chili oil and a small dish of vegan parmesan that you can sprinkle on your pasta. Yes, that is correct. A small dish of vegan parmesan to use as you wish. Perfect.

Moving on to the pizza, it was amazing. The base was crispy but not tough or chewy. Shop 225 know what they are doing. The vegan cheese is actually ridiculous. I went in with a preconceived idea of what I thought it would be like. But then it was better and I lost my mind.

It all just works in perfect harmony and all vegan.

If you think you are done at this stage, just order the nutella pizza, which is made from their own vegan nutella, through Local Craft. I cannot do it justice by writing about it, so we are going to film it. Stay tuned.

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