Shu Restaurant

Shu Restaurant

The Details

Shu Liu opened Shu Restaurant 6 years ago in the trendy Collingwood area. It is the first restaurant for Liu who previously worked in fashion as a Visual Merchandiser. He held a lot of dinner parties for his friends who suggested that he open a restaurant, and we are glad that he did.  After 3 years, a 10-course vegan degustation was added as a separate menu.

Shu, originally from the Sichuan province in China, learned all of his cooking skills and methods from his mother and Grandmother. He has taken a lot of traditional Chinese recipes and incorporated them into his restaurant using fresh local produce.

It is obvious when you walk into Shu Restaurant that someone with a lot of personality and style has designed and decorated the venue. There is an abundance of colour, lights and interesting features. Also on the walls are Sea Shepherd paintings, a cause that Liu supports.

While not a completely vegan restaurant, Liu tells us that around 85% of customers order the Vegan banquet. A number that we are excited about!

The Food

The menu is seasonal and each day fresh produce is purchased from the local markets. The degustation has such amazing flavours in each bite, including the house-made chili oil that was passed down from his family. The incorporation of new ingredients like seaweed caviar show the care and thought gone into each dish.

On the current menu you will find, a steamed soy wonton with Chinese vinegar and chili jam, a watermelon tart with pine nuts and seaweed caviar. A special note to the hometown noodles with preserved mustard greens and peanuts which is a dish that Shu has been eating since he was young. A simple looking dish with an abundance of flavour and character.

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