Slice Girls West

Slice Girls West

The Details

If you wanna be my lover, you are gonna need to get me a slice from Slice Girls West. Yes, this is a Spice Girls inspired pizzeria, serving up good times and great pizza. Set in an old T-Shirt factory, Slice Girls West is the sister store to Slice Girls in Melbourne CBD and 1000 Pound Bend. It’s also surrounded by other great places including Back Alley Sally’s a beautiful bar just up the stairs, a great general store Harry and Larry’s, where you can shop and sit down to eat a slice and right out the back is Lickity Split & the Vegan Van.

It’s all fun and smiles as soon as you walk in, and with a menu of Spice Girls inspired slices, you are bound to enjoy yourself.

The Food

They are continually expanding their plant-based pizza’s, but you can always find the Livin It Vegan It with napoli, olives, mushrooms, flame fired peppers, fresh basil & garlic oil. Together with a huge Vegan Share Platter, with plenty of bread and accompaniments. Of which you can order from Back Alley Sally’s, Lickity Split or Harry & Larry’s General Store.

Three new additions include the Bumper to Bumper with eggplant, pumpkin, mushrooms and vegan mozzarella, the Too Much with Vegan BBQ sauce, bean mix, and Vegan Mama with Articjhokes, roasted tomatoes and packs of flavour.

Every Thursday also brings the Ecstatic Hour from 4pm til 7pm, with every pizza just $6.




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