The Details

Set amongst industrial Altona, Staple is the newest plant-based cafe in Melbourne. The main feature here is the Tempeh, which is not surprising as it is also the new home for Take and Eat Tempeh. A collaboration between the makers and owner of Take and Eat, Rizka and Audi and also Faz and Zack.


Hailing from Indonesia, Rizka and Audi, the manufacturers of the tempeh, are known for making “the real thing”. Fresh tempeh that is unlike the kind you find anywhere in supermarkets. The concept here is to show that process, with the fermenting Tempeh on display through a glass window at the back of the cafe. It’s no wonder that the idea behind Staple is Tempeh and coffee your staples. Joining them in this venture are cafe co-owners, Faz and Zack. They are the ones brewing up their house-blend coffee.


Tempeh is one of the most complete protein sources you can have from a plant. Other benefits are iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and live probiotics for good gut health. You can expect it to feature heavily on the menu and well-stocked in the fridge to take it home. Not only do they make fresh soybean tempeh, but you can try Chickpea, Adzuki bean tempeh, and Mung bean tempeh. Future plans are to have a fresh batch of Tempeh available each day so their customers can experience it in its freshest form.


The Food
The large menu offers everything from hearty bowls, sweet and savory toast meals, comfort bowls and sides such as tempeh tenders and popcorn tempeh chicken.
Popular dishes include the Gado Gado salad, tempeh platter with flatbread and hummus and Scrambled tofu with tempeh bacon.


While Tempeh is the highlight in most dishes, there is a sweet side to the menu. You can try the Biscoff & banana, which is a flavour explosion for those who love the spread. They also have a very experimental mashed avocado and oreo open toast (trust us, it works).

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