The Details

Partners Natalie Powell and Roy Sassonkin opened Israeli street-food bar, Tahina, in 2015 in Northcote. The well-loved vegetarian eatery has just moved in to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and has a large sunny courtyard to sit in and enjoy the flavorsome food.

Tel Aviv-born Roy learnt to cook in his father’s kitchen, he moved to Melbourne in 2012 and would often entertain friends with dinner parties, creating a lot of vegan options for Natalie. He decided that he wanted to open an Israeli style venue when he saw that it was lacking in Melbourne and couldn’t get the traditional pita bread anywhere locally.

Most of the menu is vegan-friendly, their philosophy is ‘share what you are passionate about and nourish your body with wholesome, plant-based foods that are made with love and affordable for all.’

The Food

There is so much to choose from, and it is all very tasty. So go with an empty stomach. Enjoy Pita Pockets, Salads, Slow (6 hour) Roasted Cauliflower or a Vegan Carrot Hot Dog. A range of Shakshuka Platters is on offer as well. And of course, the Hummus is creamy, the pita is soft and the Falafels are perfect.

For something sweet try something off the Dessert menu, such as Creamy Tahini ice cream or vegan chocolate souffle. Thirsty? Grab one of their fresh smoothies.

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