The Kynd Butcher

The Kynd Butcher

The Details

The Kynd Butcher has opened it’s doors in the heart of Ascot Vale. A collaborative project from Matthew Sipala (You4ia Health & Active Living) and Amanda Lethlean, aiming to present a traditional butcher shop experience where plant-based meats will be the stars. They are also looking forward to educating people on how to best cook, and incorporate some of these plant-based meats and various other animal product alternatives.

It’s safe to say that when you walk through the doors, the infectious smile and attitude that Matthew and Amanda have, will have you chatting with them about cooking techniques and various recipes for a while.  With the added benefit of samples being out to try every once in a while, you could find yourself in the store for longer than you expect. But it’s also set so you can pop in and grab exactly what you need on the way home.

What to expect

You can expect to find large display fridges, stocked with various mock meats, including burgers, roasts, falafel, sausages and deli meats. There will also be vegan cheeses along with plenty of Gluten-Free options for those with intolerances. The setup allows you to buy your plant-based meat by the gram or by the sausage/pattie. Which lets you sample a whole range of different vegan meats without committing to one.

The pantry area has a number of plant-based milks, spices, jackfruit and other items to help you prep for your entire meal.




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