The Details

Just steps away from busy Sydney Road in Brunswick, Theodore’s sits between a few garage gates in a small no through road.  Named after their son Teddy, this cafe is a new venture for Lily and Henry after many years of working in the hospitality industry.

The majority of Theodore’s menu is vegan, with all vegetables and fruits sourced locally. In a deliberate move to keep the menu moving with the seasons, so you can be sure that what’s on your plate haven’t travelled halfway across the globe. “The food is seasonal for a reason,” says Lily. “Your body needs different vitamins and microelements in winter and in summer. Everything in nature makes perfect sense. Many people forget about it because you can get your kiwi from a supermarket all year round.”

The couple pays attention not only to sourcing produce locally but also stresses the importance of reducing waste in hospitality. They encourage people to bring their own containers for takeaway food. Looking to change the new culture of takeaway back to visiting the location to pick up food or eating at the restaurant or cafe. It all comes down to reducing human impact on the planet.

Theodore’s amazing interior was rearranged to make it more relaxed and welcoming. The owners introduced a new coffee station and refurbished the kitchen table in a display style with pretzels and salads available on the day.

With a relaxed vibe, delicious snacks made all in house and a good selection of local wine, this place is a perfect spot for afternoon bubbles followed by an evening nutritious dinner.

The Food

On the menu, you can find vegan pretzels with housemade mustard and pickles. Tip: come early in the morning so you can get your pretzel hot straight from the oven. There’s Okonomiyaki with house-kewpie. Also, try the brussel sprouts with miso mayo as it will soon be changed to asparagus.

Salads are made fresh every day and every day the staff has a chance to get creative and make a different dish.


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