Union Kiosk

The Details

Union Kiosk is a small cafe that specialises in Jaffles, or toasted sandwiches if that’s what you prefer, in the heart of Melbourne CBD. The shop only has space for two people to move around in and has always been dedicated to a little shop in the building plans.

In the 1930’s the entire building was once the Union Bank, the little shop was a ‘smokes & sweets’ store.  Hence the name Union Kiosk.

Rohan and Tatum Hehir took over the shop in September 2017, the week of their 5th wedding anniversary. It is the first cafe for both of them, but they have both worked in hospitality previously, Rohan is a chef and Tatum was a waitress.

The Food

Although they still have dairy cheese, everything is made vegan by default. Shortly, the whole menu will be plant-based only (another win for vegans!). The best part? All Jaffles are $7! AND they have gluten-free options.

Some of the Jaffles you can get are the Mexi Blackbean, guacamole & salsa. Jerk Jackfruit and chilli pineapple, homemade baked beans & cheese… and last but not least, Vego Bar, melted hazelnut chocolate. It’s just like Nutella melted in bread – insert drooling emoji.

** Update, Union Kiosk are now 100% vegan

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