The Details

YOMG is widely known for their Frozen Yoghurt but then expanding into burgers and shakes. With the release of their dairy free, vegan frozen yoghurt flavour, Banana Soy Cinnamon. A trio of flavours busting with essential vitamins and probiotics, it was the beginning of the vegan range.

With the new burger range, a vegan option was always on the cards and YOMG delivers a great option in the Miss Fu. Available as Gluten Free as well, the Miss Fu is a blend of crunchy and fresh flavours that explode in your mouth.

A vegetable fritter with vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, crispy sweet potato, ketchup, tofu mayo on a beetroot bun is a mouthful. Literally.

YOMG has also mentioned there are more options on the way, which, if the Miss Fu is anything to go by, they should be pretty special.

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