Yong Green

The Details

A Vegetarian staple on Brunswick St fancies it up with new exciting menu changes! Yong Green Food’s new menu brings more travel experiences, finesse and culture to the table. Yong Green Food is the Vegetarian venture by 2 lovely Korean sisters Seonmi Lee and Seonjoo Lee. 9 years and still going strong, they continue to feed healthy Asian cuisine to the bohemians of the Inner North. Yong Green Food reflects the sisters’ love of food, health, travel and culture. This is the place where you go to feel welcomed by smiley faces and experience soulful Asian cuisine at a reasonable price.

The 2 sisters have spent time volunteering in numerous vegan/vegetarian establishments around Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. They have been lucky to have been passed down many traditional recipes such as their Thai green curry and miso soup. It was during Seonmi’s most recent trip to Japan, where she learnt how to make miso soup from scratch. Whilst in Vancouver they fell in love with the creativity and diversity of contemporary vegan & raw food cuisine.

The Food

The menu is Asian-based and reflects homely Korean cooking plus recipes learnt from their trips around Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Canada. All the food is actually Vegan, except for the nachos, which can be ordered as Vegan upon request.  There are also many raw food and gluten-free offerings. Prices are relatively cheap; between $15-22 for a main and are definitely good value for the taste and portion size.

If you order the Organic Yin and Yang charger you will receive a sample of various delicacies including the infamous chickpea miso soup. The chickpea miso soup is made in-house! It is full of flavour and harbours a unique twist compared to the usual soybean. Seonmi advised she wanted to provide a greater diversity of vegetarian food rather than relying on soybean products. They also try to use as many organic vegetables as possible, which they source directly from the farm.

The sweet potato noodles taste very nostalgic and the Kelp Pad Thai is a raw modern take on the classic Pad Thai dish.

For dessert, you can’t go past the mango & lime raw cheesecake, which is a tropical outburst and oh so smooth!


Amazingly all their beers are vegan. A special mention goes out to the Makgeolli rice beer, which is unfiltered and unpasteurised and tastes delicious. They also have Korean date tea and soju and sake available!

We thoroughly recommend you enter into the home of these 2 Korean sisters and experience their perception of life through their food. Yong Green continues to evolve after 9 years and is hopefully a Vegetarian institution here to stay!

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