You’re Stuck Inside: Play Online Trivia With Lamb Care Australia For Something Fun To Do

COVID restrictions and lockdowns have struck again, resulting in Lamb Care Australia’s in-person trivia event being canceled for the second time this year.

Luckily for all the little lambs needing our care, Kwiz Mastah Fauxala has agreed to run his amazing trivia event online instead!

If you’d like to join in and help save more lives this season, book your spot now for the virtual trivia event. Participation is by donation via Trybooking. Any amount – small or large – will be warmly appreciated. Each $200 raised will save the life of one adorable little lamb. 100% of the profits will go to Lamb Care Australia. If a donation isn’t possible, you are still most welcome to participate.

There are some wonderful prizes on offer for the winners including vouchers from Sassy Organics and Northcote Natural Therapies. In addition, you can choose to enter the online raffle. For an added entry fee, you can be in the running to win some extra prizes! More details about the raffle and prizes will be announced on the Lamb Care Australia Facebook page in the days leading up to the trivia.

How will it all work?

There will be three rounds of 15 questions:

– Round 1 and 2: Science, History, Geography, Miscellaneous, Movies, Television, Literature, Entertainment, and Sport

– Round 3: Music

Plus, there will be a drawing contest and food pic contest for extra points! The theme for the drawing contest will be announced in Round 1. The food pic must be of vegan food that you’re eating during the trivia. All instructions will be made clear to participants and teams during the trivia video and there will be some fun prizes for the winning teams or participants.

Need some teammates? Post a request on the event discussion page so Lamb Care Australia can group you up with a team.

The trivia video will be posted on the Facebook event’s discussion page. You’ll be able to play anytime and anywhere. Allow approximately 1.5 hours to complete all rounds and all instructions will be explained in the video.

The Details

Trivia Starts – 7pm Friday August 13

Trivia Ends – 7pm Sunday August 15

All results and winners video will be posted on the discussion page.

Make your donation/booking now to be in the event.

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