10 Easy Cumin Recipes

It’s the base for many different dishes, the art of building flavour from ground cumin or whole cumin seeds. It has it’s place in many different cultures and is more iron dense that most plants. The perfect reason to start cooking with cumin more, so here are 10 easy plant-based cumin recipes that will amaze you.


Get The Recipe: Vegan Shakshuka

Recipe from thecuriouschickpea.com


Get The Recipe: Vegan Middle Eastern Cauliflower Steaks

Recipe from modernfoodstories.com


Get The Recipe: Light Rye Sourdough with Cumin & Orange

Recipe from bewitchingkitchen.com


Get The Recipe: Curry Dhal

Recipe from theplantritionist.com


Get The Recipe: Vegan Burritos

Recipe from simple-veganista.com


Get The Recipe: Vegan Mexican Casserole

Recipe from simplystacie.net


Get The Recipe: Mejadra

Mejadra - The Perfect Traditional Middle Eastern Comfort Food - Messy Veggies (4)

Recipe from messyveggies.com


Get The Recipe: Zeera Biscuits

Recipe from cookstyle.co.uk


Get The Recipe: Maida Papdi – Cumin Spiced Crackers

Recipe from veganricha.com

Get The Recipe: Cumin Potatoes

Recipe from thewoksoflife.com


Get The Recipe: Vegan Mexican Rice

Recipe from eatwithclarity.com



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