The Details

It’s time to welcome your new plant-based favourite to the southside, BAMBAM Deli. You may have heard the name before, as BAMBAM Deli opened in March 2019. But it’s time to take notice. Originally they opened as a regular cafe, serving great meals with some vegan options, but not quite hitting their best. Which is only now apparent after trying the food after their lockdown transformation.

This year has had its challenges, but owner and head chef Evan Georgopoulos took it as an opportunity to look inwards at his passions and turn the cafe into a falafel and shawarma deli. A huge change in itself, but they also decided to scrap all animal products from the food menu. It’s a move they had always planned on making at BAMBAM, as in his own words, ‘fuck meat & dairy’ which we can’t help agree with. Evan has been working in hospitality most of his life, starting a sandwich bar just around the corner with his father and family which they built into a thriving asset to the community. BAMBAM Deli was his chance to dive into his passions and create something truly special in the heart of industrial Moorabbin.

The Food

The menu was inspired by a falafel shop Evan frequented while spending time in Berlin some years ago. A daily routine started which spurred his desire to create something similar back home. A location serving completely plant-based shawarma, falafel, salads and pita with an abundance of flavour and freshness to your palate. It’s only the pita bread that is brought in, with all the other menu items created in-house. From the plant-based shawarma meat, made from chickpea flour to the Chicken (jackfruit), and some of the best falafel you will try in Melbourne. They also create a wide variety of decadent & hearty salads on a daily basis which pair perfectly on a combo plate filled with flavours you can’t help but mix and enjoy.

The hummus deserves a special mention at BAMBAM. Local organically grown chickpeas are sourced, that are only available a short time during the year. They are then transformed into a velvety smooth sauce that lifts the dishes to another level.

If you live close by, you will undoubtedly become a regular. If you are a little further, who knows you may just want to make the trek often.

BAMBAM Discoteca

The newest edition to BAMBAM Deli is the Discoteca, a bar of sorts that opens a few nights a week. Offering a slightly different menu whilst keeping true to their new flavours. Enjoy nibble food while savouring a wine on these beautiful summer nights. Whether you visit in the day or travel there by night, you are going to enjoy every moment.



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