Blk Mlk

The Details

James Slorach and Emma Ablett opened Blk Mlk in April 2016. James has been heavily involved with a popular health/organic cafe Nutrition Republic (Goodwood, SA), iconic hip/hop cafe C.R.E.A.M (Brighton, SA). and the beachfront Pure Boutique Coffee (Glenelg, SA). Whilst Emma is new to the hospitality/cafe game (but killing it!)

Blk Mlk is Mildura’s first specialty coffee shop with 5 senses coffee roasters. Located on the main street, Deakin Avenue, the cafe has a funky vibe and a big skull logo out the front that you won’t miss.

The duo really wants to be able to offer something for everyone, they are big believers that vegan food doesn’t need to be boring or lacking, which is a perception it often receives. Slorach “loves trying to pack as much flavour, variety, and quirkiness to all of our vegan dishes.”

The Food

A big hit on the menu is the caveman salad which is a colourful bowl of roast pumpkin, avocado, tomato, kale chips, pickled red cabbage, shredded beets and house-made hummus. Another is the Falafel Bowl without the egg and added hummus. If you didn’t think you liked Felafel, these are a mind changer.

Blk Mlk are we are always experimenting and on the hunt for delicious vegan recipes and ideas. “The more we can offer, the easier it makes for any eating requirements.”

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