Chotto Motto

Chotto Motto

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Would You Like a Pizza Made From Gyoza?

Chotto Motto is the latest Japanese inspired venue to hit the streets of Collingwood. Brought to you by Tomoya Kawasaki (Neko Neko & Wabi Sabi Salon) and Dylan Jones. The building is hard to miss, with its unique pattern painted over the outside walls. Stepping inside you are taken into a world of Japanese icons, from Godzilla figurines atop the beer taps, Okinawan slot machines and a Japanese vending machine to grab your craft beer from.

It’s hard to stop yourself from playing with all the vintage toys, as you sit amongst the vibrant murals by local artists Mitch Walder and Chehehe. But it’s not just the decor that Chotto Motto excels at. The crowning jewel is the Hamamatsu style gyoza with a ingenius modern twist to make them just like a pizza. The house made gyoza are pan fried in their arranged shape, steamed and then fried once again with a special mixture to create a thin crispy skin before flipped out of the pan onto your plate. The technique and consistency is critical to ensure that the perfect amount of crunch is achieved, while ensuring you can snap each individual gyoza from the ‘pizza’ with ease.

You can grab a 10 piece or 20 piece gyoza pizza with two incredible vegan fillings. Chickpea & Quinoa with Cabbage, Soy & Garlic or the Nasumiso Dengaku Eggplant with Red Miso, Maple Syrup & Beancurd.

Although the gyoza pizza is a clear stand out at Chotto Motto, it’s not the only dish that is worth a visit. There is a selection of edamame, fries with furikake and a Japanese potato salad with shibazuke pickles and crispy tempeh. But if you know anything about Japanese cuisine you know that karaage is a technique of deep frying with a unique flavour and crispness. So when you have seen a cauliflower karaage on the menu, it’s with excitement that you place your order and believe me it does not disappoint.

As you venture deeper into your evening and look to dessert to sweeten your night, the Vegan Apple Pie Gyoza will hit the spot, or you can try the ever-changing vegan soft serve.

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