Good Food Emporium

Good Food Emporium

The Details

Good Food Emporium is a family affair, built on a bootstrap budget. Completely handcrafted by the family and aiming to make as much of an impact as possible.

The team, or family, of Marcel & Christine Delvaux together with Daniel & Tyla Dos Anjos had a clear mission when crafting the idea behind Good Food Emporium. To reduce their waste, be as sustainable as possible, and show that even small changes can have a large impact.

The sustainability focus is abundant in the fit out with all of the woodwork made from reclaimed timber. The next step was to reduce their power consumption impact. For each kilowatt used a tree is planted. Good Food Emporium source all products for the market area from local producers, aiming to keep it Vegetarian throughout the market. You can also reduce your impact at home by purchasing from the Naked Foods bulk food section, designed for customers to bring their containers from home to refill time and time again.

The Food

The entire food menu at the cafe is plant-based. Cafe manager Tyla chose to only source second-hand equipment in an effort to reuse and not purchase unnecessarily. It is also the new home for ex Matcha Mylkbar Head Chef Cameron Dening. Bringing his passion for plant-based food with him to Good Food Emporium.

‘Our menu is healthy, but boy it is super indulgent at the same time. We really wanted to create an environment where veganism is approachable and non-judgemental.’ Tyla.

The menu boasts a range of wholefoods designed to satisfy you with taste while nourishing your insides at the same time. The menu features sweet Chocolate Waffles with a vegan no-tella sauce to savoury cornbread waffles with BBQ jackfruit, charred corn salsa and topped with jalapenos and vegan parmesan. You can grab a wholesome burger, or indulge in the Emporium Big Breakfast or loaded fries. One thing is for sure, you will leave satisfied and ready to return with your empty containers for more bulk goodies.

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