The Details

Strolling past the rustic wooden signs that indicate the presence of Nagev, a plant-based kitchen in Adelaide, one might think they’ve stumbled upon some sort of exotic eatery. At first glance the peculiar name seems to imply a mysterious restaurant filled with ancient secrets and a bizarre cultural menu. Upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that the only secret the café is hiding is actually no secret at all: the surprisingly tantalizing vegan menu, artfully revealed in the reverse of the name.

Proprietor Lucie Vano opened her inspired bistro in hopes of satisfying not only the growing vegan community in Adelaide, but to also stimulate an open dialogue around Veganism. Strategically identifying as a “plant-based” establishment leaves room for the curious meat eater to dip their toes into an ostensibly exclusive world, without having to get fully soaked. Nagev is here to help interested foodies navigate a vegan menu that offers more than just two pages of salads and a few specialty entrees.

Dive into a world of cruelty-free flavour with a wide array of assorted wraps, bowls, sandwiches, salads, and meals based in meatless alternatives to choose from. Embrace veganism head on by trying a spicy tofu wrap or the popular house-made “burger.” Or ease your way in and sink your teeth into one of their dairy-free cheesecake slices and other delectable sweets, on one of the designated “dessert nights.”

Nagev has become a popular brunch destination for herbivores and carnivores alike. The warm, welcoming atmosphere and unique all-day brunch menu make the perfect pair for a laidback breakfast. Vano’s goal is to make each customer feel as though they’re walking into a room full of friends upon entering the café, allowing them to feel comfortable asking questions and trying new things.

Guests are always encouraged, but never pressured, to try animal-free options they may have never had before. The entire kitchen puts forth a relaxed, inviting aura of acceptance and love for all things. But be careful because once you walk in and give it a try, you’ll find yourself joining Nagev’s ever-growing army of easygoing vegans before you even realize it.


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