Noo Moo Foods

Noo Moo Foods

The Details

Career chef Brad Anderson has cooked succulent meals in most states of Australia for 30+ years. The majority of this time was lived as a self-proclaimed hardcore carnivore. In recent years, Brad had battled various crippling health conditions leading to a number of positive lifestyle changes, including going vegan. After shedding 65kgs and largely reversing many of the concerns, Brad and his hairdresser wife Lorraine decided that it was time to stop working for other restaurant owners and combine his newfound love for vegan foods with his extensive knowledge of traditional cooking. Thus, ‘Noo Moo Foods’ was born!

When working out where would be the best location for their exciting new venture, Lorraine’s father insisted that with his help they convert a caravan and serve quality vegan fast food from the entrance to his industrial Heidelberg warehouse. On October 16th 2019, ‘Noo Moo Foods’ opened it’s shutters to serve a new kind of vegan experience along with a passionate commitment to sustainability. The couple attempts to source as many Aussie-owned ingredients and products as possible including meat substitutes from Veef, Kombucha Max (bottled in recycled plastic), homemade cashew cheese and fresh herbs from their on-site garden.

Since the ‘Noo Moo Foods’ launch, they’ve been slammed with eat-in and online orders from locals, including hungry students from nearby LaTrobe University, an all-female gym Barbell Babes Brigade and Wild Timor Coffee. Local businesses even receive a friendly 5% off their meals! Each notification that chimes in from a food delivery company is another welcomed thumbs up from customers who certainly love what’s on offer. If you’re hunting for tasty, inexpensive and inspiring food, Brad and Lorraine will more than satisfy your needs.

The Food

“No animal by-product has or will ever enter our kitchen.” This promise is followed by a strong suggestion from Chef Brad to try-out the ‘Noo Moo Original burger’. A soft bread bun filled with Australian Veef pattie, secret sauce, ketchup, coleslaw, pickles and home-made cashew cheese. It doesn’t take more than one bite for the tastebuds to tingle with excitement from the flavours. Brad has mastered the art of the vegan burger and is sharing it with the food-lovers of Melbourne. A bite into the ‘Culverlands Industrial Schnitz’ burger incites similar tastebud-tingling sensations. Brad had only just tried the Veef chicken substitute samples (soy-based with added pea protein) recently and immediately put in an order to serve to eager customers.

The dirty ‘Mother-In-Law Loaded Fries’ are inspired by Brad’s Scottish M-I-L. There’s further family inspiration on the menu with the coriander vinegar laden ‘Bangkok Thai Fries’ coming from Lorraine’s love of coriander and the pizza flavoured ‘Nonno Fries’ as an omaggio (homage) to Lorraine’s Italian-born father. The saucy fries selection will have you licking your fingers and the box spotless.

A new burger joint is in town and guess what, now the burgers are better at ‘Noo Moo Foods’.

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