Raw Galore

The Details

Raw Galore has long been in institute in Melbourne’s açai scene. Priding themselves on delivering the best quality berries without using batch frozen stock. The Bentleigh East store has been one of the major raw treat suppliers to Melbourne‘s cafes. With a small area to serve customers that want a takeaway. Recently moving into their Brighton store during the peak of the pandemic. The new location offers an abundance of space with natural light, whitewashed brick walls, and a beautiful courtyard to sip your smoothies and eat your açai in the sun. The Brighton location also gives them the opportunity to provide coffee, which they are taking seriously. Brewing St Ali beans to make sure your coffee is just as good as the acai you are craving.

The Food

This is Melbourne‘s best açai bowl, as they are all made to order which guarantees you are getting the freshest berries tuned into a delicious bowl topped with a range of different treats. For the adventurous, you want to try the salted caramel dream with Prana On salted caramel, topped with caramelised bikinis and a salted caramel sauce. For those that are bananas for peanut butter you cannot go past the nuts about peanuts with a healthy dose of natural peanut butter and strawberries, bananas and lots of cacao nibs.

But it’s not just acai bowls that Raw Galore excels at. They also have a range of savoury treats with some amazing jaffle‘s that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking to make your day complete you can’t go past the Mac and cheese jaffle with gluten-free seeded bread and house-made Mac n cheese with mozzarella and chipotle mayo.

As we mentioned before they are very well known for their raw treats of which they have a wide range in the glass counters.

Raw galore is perfect for those wanting a healthy snack all those wanting a decadent chapel for a cold winter day

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