The Details

Sibling cafe in Adelaide’s CBD, boasts some delicious coffee and vegan options. Owners, Caitlin and Nathaniel teamed up with their head chef Aaron Caporn to serve up great food using fresh, locally sourced produce. Aaron has a passion for pickling, dehydrating and enjoys experimenting with native edibles. Some dishes weren’t created intentionally to be vegan, the flavours used just worked well together.

Having managed cafes throughout Melbourne for over last eight years, Caitlin and Nathaniel decided to start something on their own after making the move to Adelaide. Since opening, Sibling quickly became a popular pit stop for those needing a pick-me-up jolt before work. A lot of passion goes into both their coffee and food and they hope it shows.

The Food

When Aaron developed the menu, there were no assumptions that all vegans and vegetarians live off baked beans and kale chips. Their vegan bagel, which has been on offer since day one, was added for family members who were vegan. It grew to become a popular item and has maintained a permanent spot on their menu. If you’re feeling like something lighter, you could try their colourful zucchini salad.

But, if your diet starts on Monday, they’ve also got

*drum roll please*

VEGAN GINGERBREAD WAFFLES. Complete with poached quince, soy ice cream and a whole lotta love. Hell yeah.

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