Wee Man’s Kitchen

Wee Man’s Kitchen

The Details

Have you heard about a place where you can get a mix of Scottish and Indian cuisine? How about one that even offers vegan options in their menu?  Wee Man’s Kitchen has got you covered.

Wee Man’s Kitchen is situated in the stylish and large warehouse brewery, Tallboy & Moose. The eatery gives you a unique chance to try flavoursome comfort food with a twist. “Indian food is a part of Scottish identity now. I remember my mum asking me to get her some takeaway Pakoras from a little restaurant close to our house in Glasgow when I was a child.” says Head Chef Chris. There is a large percetage of the population that are Pakistani and Indian immigrants. Bringing their culture with them, they opened Indian restaurants, which added to Chris’s Scottish heritage.  “Thank God they did. There’s nothing better than Indian cuisine.” Chris has now been a chef for almost 20 years. Introducing vegan options as soon as he opened his eatery in 2017.

“I always want to cater for everyone. Different people come here to drink beer, relax and have a bite. Vegan dishes are becoming more and more popular, and I want to show people how tasty this food can be.”

The Food

The vegan food at Wee Man’s Kitchen is a tribute to Chris’s upbringing and a fusion of those cultures.  There is roast cauliflower and black barley salad with pickled onion and pickles. The perfect combination of smooth and sour.  A green burger with a veggie pattie and very sizable homemade pickle slices (extra points for making it even tastier). Vegetable pakoras as an easy bite and the star among the dishes is the coconut and pumpkin dal which melts in your mouth. It’s definitely a winner for cold nights in the city.

Fancy trying something quirky? Ask for fries with vegan curry on top. Definitely worth trying (SO flavoursome and silky smooth!).

You know where to go next time you want beer and vegan eats in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

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