Best Vegan Ice-Cream and Gelato In Melbourne

No matter what the weather, it’s always a good time for Vegan Ice-cream, Froyo or Gelato. But let’s be honest, summer is the time to overindulge on these delicious creamy delicacies. The trouble has always been how to track down all the good Vegan ones in Melbourne.
So here they are:

All Vegan Locations

Melbourne CBD

If you haven’t been to Weirdoughs yet, you need to put this on your bucket list. These flavours are going to sound a little…..weird, but trust us, you need to try every single one. Flavours include, Strawberry & Tomato Ketchup, Salted Caramel & Bacon, Sweet Potato & Chilli Pecans and even Lavender & Eggplant.
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Girls and Boys

From the great minds behind Transformer & Vegie Bar, is Girls and Boys. A plant-based ice cream, dessert and smoothie bar. You can indulge in your favourite soft serve cone, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts and know that it’s 100% vegan. WINNING!

Ms Bean
Box Hill

Ms Bean makes their Vegan Ice-Cream fresh each day, ready for you to place in a cone or a cup. With a great list of flavours from Matcha & Red Bean, Black Sesame & Walnut and, Purple Rice & Cashew Nut, these flavours are going to impress. Plenty of deliciousness for everyone.


With 95% of everything on offer made in-house, Goje in Yarraville is a mecca for plant-based Froyo. There is a smorgasbord of fresh fruit to top your Froyo, and an equal amount of decadent chocolaty, amazing sweet treats for your creamy Froyo too.
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Vegan Shack

That’s right, your favourite vegan sandwich shack is going to be serving up vegan ice cream. Teaming up with Pana Chocolate, The Vegan Shack is bringing in some unique and exclusive flavours to their Richmond Store.
Available from 18th January.
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Matcha Mylkbar
St Kilda

Bringing more delicious vegan goodness to St Kilda, Matcha Mylkbar are about to release ice-cream to their corner of Acland St. The flavours you can look forward to are, Strawberry, Dutch Choc, Matcha & Almond Brittle and Passionfruit Swirl. Perfect for those heading to the beach, leaving the beach, or even just for breakfast.
Available from 10th January
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Vegan Ice Cream

Locations with Great Vegan Options

Fritz Gelato
Richmond, South Melbourne, South Yarra, St Kilda and Lorne

With over 40 different vegan sorbets on offer, Fritz Gelato is going to have a flavour you are after. The traditional Italian Gelato maker has won an abundance of awards for their Gelato, including the vegan options. With some award-winning flavours including Sicilian Mandarin, Zesty Lemon, Mango Tango, and Rasberry Rumble.

Gelato Messina
Fitzroy, Windsor, Richmond

One of the most iconic Gelato stores in Australia, Gelato Messina has a wide range of Vegan Gelato flavours for you to fill your cup or tub with. There are 9 different Vegan Flavours including Salted Coconut & Mango Salsa, Chocolate Sorbet and Blood Orange.

7 Apples
St Kilda, Emporium, Chadstone

7 Apples is an institution in St Kilda. Right in the Centre of Acland St, this Gelato shop has been the hub for beach goers for over 10 years. A huge bonus is that all of the sorbets are vegan and the cones and wafers are also vegan.  You can expect to find all kind of flavours like Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit and Watermelon & Mint.

Ben & Jerrys
Melbourne CBD

There may only be 2 vegan options at Ben & Jerrys, but holy sh!t they are good.  The two options you can expect to find are:
Vanilla non-dairy drozen dessert with chocolate sandwich cookies & crunchy peanut butter swirls
Coconut non-dairy frozen dessert with fudge chunks, walnuts & swirls of graham cracker & caramel

Gelateria Primavera (Spring St Grocer)
Melbourne CBD

Spring St Grocer is well renowned for their great vegan sandwiches, but you may have missed the artisan gelato bar right at the front door. Gelateria Primavera has 6 rotating dairy-free sorbet flavours. Perfect for picking up and heading to the park right across the road.

Billy van Creamy

They make really good vegan ice-cream. From Scratch. Every day. It’s really bloody good too. The 5 flavours that Billy van Creamy offer are Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Choc Chip, Choco Late, Coconut Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet. Do yourself a favour and try the Salted Caramel.

Mornington, Mordialloc, Glen Waverly, Fountain Gate, Nice Buns

Famous for trying out new vegan options on the regular, YOMG usually specialise in vegan burgers and shakes. But they also have some incredibly creamy Froyo, in a few different flavours. Although they are not available at all locations, you can find the flavours here:
Frosty Fruits- Nice Buns Store
Soy Chai – Mordialloc
Banana Soy – Mornington, Mordialloc, Glen Waverly, Fountain Gate

Zero Gradi

With traditional vegan flavours like BlackBerry, Choco Sorbet and Lemon. Zero Gradi take their experience in Gelato and fill your cup with a whole bunch of goodness. If you get in quick you can try the limited release of Aperol Zero.

Beku Gelato

Nestled right in the heart of Lygon st, you will find Beku Gelato. Diishing up their flavourful Gelato to the street. Some of the great vegan flavours are Minty Lychee Sorbet and Coconut Sorbet with Jackfruit Bits.


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