Future Sushi Takes Up Permanent Residency In Mordialloc

Future Sushi has taken up permanent residency at Conscious Cravings in Mordialloc and we couldn’t be more stoked! Melbourne’s sushi scene was transformed in 2020 by Future Sushi when they opened their doors with not only completely vegan sushi but some of the best sushi you will ever try.

Future Sushi is all about creating sustainable alternatives that replicate traditional meat and fish experiences. Utilising their knowledge and innovation in plant-based meats, as well as their plant-based salmon and tuna that was specially developed with sushi in mind. They bring together familiar flavours while keeping the traditional Japanese techniques of sushi.

The group have popped up at Conscious Cravings a number of times, with lines around the block and selling out every time. With a new permanent residency at the cafe, you can expect to grab all your favourites every Tuesday.


Tuna, Salmon, Tempura Veggie and Peking Duck are just a few of the flavours on the menu 😍⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Conscious Craving’s kitchen will be closed on Tuesdays with Future Sushi taking over, but you can still grab one of the tarts, toasties, wraps, salads, smoothies and coffees from 8am-3pm

The Details

Where: Conscious Cravings, 226 Beach Rd, Mordialloc
When: Available from 11am til sold out! Every Tuesday.

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