Where To Find The Best Vegan Loaded Waffles In Melbourne

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and anything in between, waffles are always a good idea. A once “sometimes food” is now a go-to breakfast staple for many. 

So get your forks out and appetites ready as we waffle through Melbourne’s best waffles. 


Black Waffle 


Walk into this dessert heaven and you’ll find yourself surrounded by countless, uniquely sweet, and savoury options and of course many different waffles to choose from. If you think you’ve tasted good waffles, think again. Turning classic dessert recipes into waffles, you’ll find mouth-watering options like Apple Custard Pie, Lemon Shortbread, Hazelnut Heaven, and of course simpler options like Berry Nice, all topped with their creamy and decadent ice creams –  so creamy you’ll forget it’s dairy-free.  


Good Love 

St Kilda 

Spreading the love, one waffle at a time. Okay now listen up and just a slight warning there’s a chance you might crumble a little when you hear their ‘Apple Crumble Waffles’ so here it goes… Buckwheat sweet waffles with brandy caramelised apple, granola crumb, ice-cream, and whipped coconut cream drowning in maple syrup. Are any taste buds drowning in drool yet?! Definitely delicious waffles worth checking out. 


Soulsister Cafe 


Known for their seriously delicious acai bowls, did you know they also do some seriously delicious waffles? Their Soul Waffles are the perfect breakfast option! Topped with freshly cut strawberries, Coyo Ice-cream and your personal choice of sauce..would definitely run out of bed for this! 


Evies Disco Diner 


Have you visited this 1980s retro and just super cool, funky diner and disco bar located on Gertrude Street? Perhaps their Chicken & Waffles with maple syrup might be the reason for a visit ASAP! I mean name a better duo right?! 




Now we waffle on to the North-east side, tucked away from the busy main streets. With an array of vibrant options to choose from you’ll find their one and only Sweet Potato Waffles. Topped with blanched asparagus & mushroom bacon, sour cream & chives, puffed wild rice, hazelnuts & romesco sauce, these waffles will have your taste buds dancing in flavour – Yum! 


Chelle’s Soulfoods


Not only delivering some decadent, tasty raw treats but they know how to nail some epic waffles. Any nutella lovers? You’ll be thrilled to hear about their ‘Notella Waffles’ made with buckwheat waffles drizzled with notella topped with fresh berries and some vanilla coconut ice cream. 


Good Food Emporium 

Narre Warren 

More chocolate waffles anyone? Made with wholefoods, organic and local produce, you’ll forget these waffles are healthy. Pretty much like eating a salad right…? Made with raw cacao, hazelnut and hemp protein waffles topped with raspberries, vegan no-tella sauce, vanilla bean nice-cream and sprinkled with candied cacao nibs. Not only so yummy but the perfect post-workout fuel! 


Mamma Says 


Things are about to get peachy… say hello to ‘The Peach Cobbler’. We like to call this waffles with a summer fruity twist! Think grilled peaches infused with bourbon topped with roasted pecan and brown sugar crumble for a crunch as well as cinnamon gel and a side of maple and ice cream. *wipes drool off screen 


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