This Easy Vegan Cinnamon Scroll Kit Will Change Your Life

The Melbourne-based easy vegan baking mix company, Humble Jumble has just teased us with word of a new product launch. Known for their simple baking mixes that anyone can make in little to no time, Humble Jumble are launching a new product at the long-awaited return of the Big Vegan Market.

The new product skews sideways from cookies and brownies and offers the simple baker the opportunity to make Cinnamon Scrolls easily with no baking experience necessary.


Humble Jumble are quite different to most baking kits on the market with every kit only needing water and 1 other ingredient, which is never an egg or egg replacer! That’s right, they do all the work for you and allow you to make decadent choc chip cookies in literally 10 minutes. This includes baking time!!

Founder Becca, has had a passion for baking since she was a child, “There was something amazing to me about the whole process, sifting the flour, lining the tins, cutting out cookies, I was hooked!” Watching her grandmother create the most magical treats it created a sense of love for what can be achieved with baking.  Faced with the decreasing time we all have these days, Becca still wanted to bake but sometimes just needed something quick, easy and tasty without all the mess, shopping and stress!

In this spirit, Humble Jumble was born, a baking mix that is simple and easy to use.  All of the ingredients for their mixes are in them, so you just have to add water and 1 thing!

The Humble Jumble range includes, choc chip cookies, brownies, pancakes and now cinnamon scrolls. All with plenty of puns covering the tubs of goodness.

Head to the Big Vegan Market to grab the Cinnamon Scrolls before anyone else, or head to their website for more shopping.

Humble Jumble Website

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