This Vegan Shoe Brand is Pushing Transparency In Supply Chains

Melbourne-based label Zette, the in-house brand of Fitzroy boutique Vegan Style, believes that shoe brands – whether vegan or not – need to be way more honest with their customers. Alongside their newest collection of animal friendly shoes, they’re laying out their supply chain. 

In the past, if you asked a fashion label to tell you where they source all their materials, or get their high-quality artisanship from, you’d get the cold shoulder or a laugh. Fashion brands work hard to find their unique and covetable fabrics and finishes, so often there’s been no interest in sharing.

However, this is changing. As more people are recognising the many ethical considerations tied up in fashion, they are demanding answers. Who made your shoes? What are they made of? Is it sustainable? Where is the material made? The main material might be vegan, but are the glues and dyes?

Today, less than half of the world’s largest fashion retailers share information about where their garments and shoes are made. Far less brands give any information about anything else – like where their materials are made. People are tired of it and so seeking brands doing better.

A more ethical brand doing it differently 

Zette is one of those brands. Today on their website, they share the names of every facility where their shoes are made, information about them, and even similar information about their material suppliers – something very few brands do.   


When it comes down to why all this matters to the brand, to Zette, it’s simple: “for us, ethical shoes are completely free from animals and any harm to them. Humans of course, are one of many animal species, and so we make our shoes in supply chains that value and respect humans as much as any other species.

A critical part of creating ethical supply chains that treat people well, is having a transparent supply chain. After all, if we can’t tell you where our shoes are made, how can we possibly promise that they’re made fairly?”

Zette’s newest collection

The newest collection from Zette is full of gorgeous patterns, sparkles, OEKO-TEX 100 certified, more sustainable vegan leather, and even cow-print velvet. And when it comes to the sustainability of these shoes, the brand doesn’t hold back on the facts, either.

With reclaimed wood block-heeled boots, ethical reinventions of classics, handsome chelsea boots and comfy sneakers, there’s something here for everyone. 


In this collection, like those it followed, shoes are named after rescued animals (mostly cats – just like namesake Zette herself!) who have been cared for by the team. What’s more, the brand has been working on size inclusivity – particularly with producing larger sizes in more feminine styles, to cater to the transgender and wider LGBTQ+ community.

There’s a whole lot to love from this brand, and their dedication to improving their transparency and impact should inspire other designers and labels. 

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