All The Vegan Christmas Food At Your Local Supermarket

Ho, ho, ho, how is it Christmas this week yikes! If that’s what you’re thinking, don’t worry you aren’t alone. Whilst we can’t help you tick that endless Christmas shopping list we can definitely help you save time by curating a list of Christmas roasts, desserts and goodies you can find at your local supermarket. 



Vegie Delights Roast 

What’s Christmas without a roast right? Not only is Vegie Delights affordable but this tasty roast is so easy to cook and let’s be real during the busy holiday period, it’s just what you need! 


Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant-Based Roast With Sweet Chutney 

Love a roast but also have a sweet tooth? You will LOVE this goodie back by popular demand. Lightly seasoned with mixed herbs and onions whilst served with some sweet chutney and hints of apple, tomato and rosemary for the perfect finishing touch. 



Sweet William Share Bag Chocolate Santas 

All I want for Christmas is … chocolate! Who said chocolate is just for Easter… not us. If you’re stuck on what to stuff those stockings with, chocolate is always a solution. These are perfect for you, the little ones, adults and really anyone. 


Coles Festive Matured Christmas Pudding

Can’t celebrate the festive season without some pudding! This traditionally crafted Christmas pudding has been matured for 9 months to give that rich depth and texture in flavour with each spoonful bursting with juicy vine fruits and hints of cider and rum. What a scrumptious mouthful! 


Coles Finest Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Mousse

Slide your fork through the glistening chocolate glaze and indulge in this show-stopping dessert. Made with rich chocolate sponge, layers of lightly salted caramel with velvety smooth chocolate mousse all finished with Belgian chocolate curls and sprinkles of golden roast hazelnut. Holy chocolate! 


Coles Fruit Loaf 

For those who prefer something sweet but not as decadent, you’ll love the Coles Fruit Loaf. Simple, delicious and a perfect breakfast treat for the Christmas occasion. Spread your favourite butter and add some warm custard on top – you’re welcome!




Plant-Based Christmas Roast With Cranberry Glaze 

Now, this is something we’d love to be glazed in! A classic recipe with a sweet twist, this roast will definitely jazz up your Christmas feast – YUM! 


Woolworths Plant-Based Roast

Another delicious roast from Woolworths. Soy-based loaf made with breadcrumbs, sweet cranberries, chickpeas, green lentils, herbs and spices for an extra kick. 


Christmas Pretzels 

Pretzels but better! These crunchy, salty and golden Christmas pretzels are a delight with each crunch. Dip them into some melted chocolate or add these to your Christmas snacks platter. 



Plantitude Vegan Fruit Pudding 

Fruit pudding is always a good idea, especially during the holiday season. Think delicious plant-based pudding infused with Australian rum and plump fruits and almonds, you are in for a treat! Perfect served with their new Brandy Custard or their Vanilla Custard.


Woolworths Plantitude Petite Meringue Nest 

Another Christmas tradition… pavlova! If you are stuck on time but still wanna whip up something easy but special, try these! Pair with some fresh berries and top these petite meringues with some creamy custard. 


Chocolate rum balls

Can never say no to some classic chocolate rum balls. These rich, bite-sized treats are made with a hint of golden rum and rich chocolate whilst being coated in fragrant desiccated coconut. We think it’s time you roll yourself into your local Woolworths, these will definitely up your fruit platter game! 


Woolworths Candy Cane Popcorn

You cannot celebrate Christmas without some candy cane, of course! Crunchy popcorn pieces, air-popped to perfection whilst being coated in mint and strawberry flavour – it really tis’ the season! 


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